Nikki Lanoue
Nikki Lanoue

School: SpaTech Institute
Major: Holistic and Therapeutic Massage Therapy
Fitness Goal: Physical and Mechanical excellence, 100% all natural, mind/body/soul balance

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  • Why did you start training and what motivates you?

    My journey started April 15, 2012 in the middle of the day.  I had leftover mac&cheese for breakfast.  I had spent years at that point bettering my mental and emotional health, changing my life around, and woke up to the fact that I had given myself everything else I wanted except for health.  I was a “typical” young adult in America.  I had never eaten right, or was ever taught how.  I never played sports or danced as a kid because of my home life.  I didn’t know any different.  But when I found I was winded after walking up just one flight of stairs, or 30 seconds of walking in the sand, I faced a hard truth.  I knew I was killing myself slowly and that motivated me to change that day.  I threw away all the junk in my house, started with the South Beach Diet, signed up for the gym, and just built from there.  Being alive motivates me.  I want a quality life.

  • What impact has training had on your college life?

    I wish I had taken better care of myself when I was in massage school.  Now being in the field 4 years, and my first year being my unhealthiest ever, I can say training changes everything.  It makes me a better massage therapist.  I’m never tired, I can exert more force with less effort, my body mechanics never waiver, my clients take me seriously, and I’m the most sought after therapist at my studio.  I have a physical job, so maintaining physical health is naturally the most important thing for me.

  • How do you balance being a college student and meeting your fitness goals?

    It’s about making choices.  Get 8 hours of sleep, or stay up drinking.  You have to make those sacrifices to stay healthy, period.  Mind/body/spirit balance takes making conscious decisions on a daily basis and a lot of effort.  Take it day by day.

  • Best place to eat around campus?

    I have recently discovered Vela Juice Bar in downtown Plymouth, MA near my crossfit gym.  They have smoothies, juices, shots of wheatgrass, and you can even order a 1-5 day juice cleanse.  I am a strong believer in incorporating a liquid meal every day, especially for breakfast (slurps on homemade smoothie).

  • Typical Workout Routine

    My workouts consist of crossfit and yoga primarily, with a little Zumba and other fun activities I can join in on.  My crossfit workouts can range from power and Olympic lifting, to 30 minute metcons that leave you gasping for breath.  The WOD is different everyday!  I need the balance between strength and condition training and yoga.  It allows me to maintain my mobility and not get sore while making significant strength gains.

  • Training Philosophy

    Train smart.  Period.  Listen to your body, and listen to professionals.  98% of injuries you see in the gym environment are preventable.  Take your time and focus on mechanical perfection before trying to be the biggest badass on campus.  Perfect form is sexy.

  • Typical Diet

    Paleo!  I have been paleo for over a year, following the 80/20 rule.  Until my gym took part in the national crossfit Lurong Paleo Challenge.  I knew I wasn’t going to score big in the workouts since I wasn’t at the level 3, but I knew I could show restraint when it came to food.   I wasn’t expecting to lose weight, since I had dropped most of it at that point.  But in 8 weeks I lost 6 lbs and 8 inches.  But that wasn’t what blew me away.  My workout performance went through the roof!  We did 3 workouts at the beginning, and the same 3 at the end to compare.  In one 10 minute AMRAP workout (as many reps as possible) I increased my score by 80 movements!  So now post-Lurong, I follow the 80/20 rule again, but my 20% has changed from whatever I want, to smarted choices.  When choosing food, I ask myself if it’s paleo.  If no, I then ask myself if it’s vegan/vegetarian.  I DO NOT EAT dairy, sugar, and grains.  I only eat grassfed, free-range meat.  Vegetables and fruit make up over 50% of my diet.  I make superfood smoothies for myself everyday for breakfast to start with a direct dose of pure nutrition.

  • Favorite Supplements

    The Lurong Living Essential is now one of my favorites!  It’s the velvet from velvet deer antlers (it’s humane).  It helps cut recovery time, I’m never sore after huge workouts, I sleep great, and it’s just awesome.  I also take a TON of vitamins.  There is a misconception that you can take too many vitamins.  Take what feels right for you.

  • Workout Playlist

    Anything from Hollywood Undead, to Iggy, Lorde, or T. Swift.  If it has a beat, I’ll workout to it.

  • Tips for other college students who want to meet their fitness goals?

    There is no easy answer.  If you want to meet your goals it takes effort and consistency.  Start small, and change what you need as your knowledge base expands.  Never stop learning.

  • Training Schedule

    I will crossfit 3x per week, yoga 2-3x, and Zumba (other activities) 1x.  I like to keep moving!