The dietary supplement industry is booming right now. For every manufacturer you recognize, there are ten other companies whose names you have never heard mutter before. Competition is wonderful because it drives prices down and quality up. With that being said, it’s still not good enough for The Campus Elite.

With so many options to choose from when making a purchase, NONE address the issues that college students face on a daily basis. Obviously, The Campus Elite tailors to the college student and has a better grasp of their specific pain points as opposed to the “stuffy” executives you find in the other companies’ boardrooms.

We Respect Our Users

The Campus Elite stands by our no bullshit approach. We tell it like it is, no matter the consequences. Why do we do this as opposed to the opposite “PC” approach you’ll find on other fitness mediums? It’s simple: we respect our users.

In today’s world there is too much information being thrown in our faces ever time we blink. Unsolicited advice is pushed upon us every time we click the mouse on our computer. Sometimes you get solid advice. Unfortunately, more common than not, what you are reading, hearing, and seeing is utter crap.

We respect you too much for that. We want to provide the best information and products to you. You deserve nothing less than the best.

After getting fed up with the garbage supplement companies were putting out there, we decided it was time to take action. With you in mind, we formulated Onyx: the premier performance supplement that is specifically for the college student lifestyle.

Understanding the College Student Lifestyle

How many times have you seen an ad for a supplement or a commercial for an energy drink and thought, “that does not apply to me in the slightest.” I think of a popular energy drink company that airs commercials of motorcycle stunts, skateboarders doing tricks in a half pipe, or stuntmen free falling from space. Yes, it is very visually stimulating (and the skills these individuals have are damn impressive), but I am left wondering: “what the fuck does this have to do with me?”

We are college students. We Work. Study. Play. That’s what Onyx is about.

Work – Busting your ass at an internship to get that full-time offer or busting your ass in the gym to get that dream physique.

Study – After a long day of classes, a workout, and working to pay your bills, you still need to study late into the night when all your mind wants is to drift off into REM sleep.

Play – College is the greatest time of your life and it needs to be enjoyed.

The Campus Elite understands our users. That’s why Onyx is perfect for workouts, late night study sessions, or before going out for a memorable night with friends.


campus elite, the campus elite, college success, college fitness, college fit, college workout, freshman 15, college health, college dietFollowing our motto of “no bullshit,” we only wanted to provide a product with the best, most widely researched, ingredients. We refuse to make sacrifices that will put more money in our pocket and an inferior product in your hands. That’s unacceptable.

Without getting too lengthy, because I know being Elite is time consuming, here is a quick outline of some of the ingredients Onyx is sporting:

N-Acetyl Tyrosine – Let’s face it, as a college student you will probably be juggling various tasks at a time: exams, internship, extracurricular activities, interviews, and countless nerve-racking presentations. Because N-Acetyl Tyrosine plays a significant role in reducing stress, positively affecting your mood, reducing anxiety, and improving performance when suffering from sleep deprivation, this amino acid is a game changer for the elite individual. How does it do that? Simple! Among its many superpowers, N-Acetyl Tyrosine is required for the release of serotonin, which is also called the “happiness hormone” responsible for making you feel positive, energetic, and motivated. In addition, supplementing with N-Acetyl Tyrosine increases brain neurotransmitter concentrations and suppresses rises in cortisol and norepinephrine depletion. This has the effect of severely reducing stress during times of high-pressure, increasing reaction time, and augmenting awareness and cognition during periods of sleep deprivation. Who wouldn’t need this in college?

Beta Alanine – What an amino acid! Beta Alanine has been found to boost exercise performance and delay fatigue. Supplementation with Beta-Alanine has been shown to increase muscle carnosine concentrations (which decreases muscle fatigue) by up to 58 percent in just four weeks, and 80 percent in 10 weeks. Let’s keep one thing in mind here – to date, EVERY study in which Beta-Alanine has been supplemented to human subjects (yes, humans not rats) has yielded these results. This stands in contrast to other iconic supplements for which distinct responders and non-responders have been observed. So yes, unless you are a cyborg assassin sent back in time, chances are Beta Alanine will allow you to kick some ass.

For a thorough analysis of Beta Alanine and its benefits check out Beta Alanine: The Performance Enhancing Amino Acid.

Creatine Monohydrate – Creatine Monohydrate is the most widely researched sports supplement on the planet. Do you know why? Because it works! The combined results of every research study proves that by taking Creatine Monohydrate you can get bigger, stronger, and better performing muscles faster.

Whether you are looking for a boost in athletic performance or mood (used to combat depression), Creatine is a great natural option. If you want to be Elite in the gym, Creatine fits the bill.

Agmatine – This is an absolute stand-out ingredient for the college student. Agmatine is the most IMPORTANT cognitive, mood, sports, and overall health supplement you’ve NEVER heard about.

Agmatine’s positive role in increasing mood and cognitive health have been studied extensively. In its natural state, Agmatine is stored in the brain, and studies have shown that the brain produces over 500% of Agmatine during periods of stress and higher degrees of problem solving. In addition, Agmatine has shown to increase memory, combat clinical depression, and can significantly aid in blocking pain.

In addition, Agmatine is a superpower supplement for the gym goer. Unlike traditional pre-workout supplements, Agmatine has a “laser-targeted” effect of increasing blood flow in the endothelial tissues lining your blood vessels, leading to greater pumps in the gym. This makes Agmatine standout from the other pre-workout compounds that tend not to discriminate the nitric oxide enhancing effects, leading to nasty side effects such as inflammation and bloating (WTF?!). When you discover what Agmatine is capable of doing, your game, your performance, and your results in the gym, the classroom, and even the boardroom will be fast tracked beyond everyone. We stand behind that statement 100%.

To see the full Campus Elite produced Agmatine article, check out Agmatine: The Superhero Supplement.

DMAE Bitartrate – DMAE is simply one of the greatest supplements for brain function on the market.

DMAE Bitrate has been shown to increase reasoning power, increase creative thought and access to memories, and even improve the speed of memory recall. Many users have also noted a greater ability to focus and concentrate with an expanded attention span. It has shown such good benefits that it has even been used in clinical studies to treat ADD and ADHD. How much are you paying for Adderall again?

Yohimbine HCL – We are very excited to have Yohimbine HCL in Onyx.

Yohimbe has been one of the most popular supplements for men and women for years. When ingested, the body assimilates it into the bloodstream which then increases the mobilization of fatty acids. Yohimbine essentially “frees up” fatty acids in places of the body that are usually most resistance to fat loss. In addition to being used as a potent fat loss agent, Yohimbine reduces blood pressure, and even boost sexual performance by increasing blood flow to the appendages. Yohimbine HCL is much more potent and effective than other variations of Yohimbine you find on the market. Period.

Caffeine – Oh man, we could have a whole article just about the benefits of this ingredient! For one, Caffeine reduces reliance on carbohydrates for fuel, enhances the body’s use of free fatty acids, and significantly boosts your body’s metabolism. There’s no reason why time and time again Caffeine is KING for fat loss! In addition, Caffeine increases your body’s “feel good” hormones, endorphins, jacking your motivation, mood, and energy levels up ten levels!

Let’s also not forget that Caffeine remains one of the world’s most popular cognitive enhancer, as it has repeatedly shown its ability to increase memory, and protect against age-related cognitive decline. Caffeine Anhydrous is a must have for motivated go-getters who run, lift, think, create, build, and on occasion might just skimp out on enough sleep!


The big name manufacturers often prioritize profits over quality and customer satisfaction. That’s a fine business model for some…but not The Campus Elite. We want you to be happy with Onyx and come back for more. One of the ways we are ensuring that is by selling Onyx for a fraction of the price of the competitors.

When looking for an option to boost your energy and cognitive function you have two classifications: (1) a supplement in powder form or (2) a canned energy drink. Our competitors in the powdered supplement line average between $1 and $1.80 a serving. Our competitors in the energy drink line average between $2 and $3 a serving.


For those not majoring in math, Onyx is 41% – 67% less expensive than powdered options and 70% – 80% less expensive than an energy drink. Pleasing your college budget is what we shoot for!

Being Elite

Sure, we could cut out the more expensive ingredients opting for cheaper alternatives to drive our margins up, we could drive the price up to the industry practice putting more green in our pockets, and we could follow everyone else in their ways of ignoring what college students really need. If you have been following The Campus Elite for any period of time you know that is not an option to us. We preach for our users to strive for greatness and Be Elite. If we followed the marketing and business models of the others we would be fucking hypocrites.

Is Onyx for you? Ask yourself if you fit into any of the points below:

  • Study late into the night;
  • Work long hours;
  • Have long classes on topics that make you want to nap;
  • Generally fatigued from life;
  • End nights out early because you are dragging ass;
  • Find yourself in a bad mood often;
  • Already utilize pre-workouts prior to going to the gym;
  • Drink expensive energy drinks for a boost; or
  • Are looking for something that makes your mind feel as strong and sharp as Einstein’s.

If even one of those relate to you, I implore you to try Onyx. I promise you will be damn happy you did.

Hell, send us a note and we will hook you up with a sample for free! Check out Onyx here.