Fitness is the core of Campus Elite; it’s our roots. Exercise is in our blood, workouts are our language. In our first article, we talked about motivation, and how that ties in with college success, and success in life as a whole. Setting, achieving, and exceeding personal fitness goals, and striving for ones own well being, is the spark to lighting the motivational fire within. Campus Elite is here to give you the insight you need into your fitness goals and workout routines to light that fire.

We’ll be covering all the different angles when it comes to exercising and workouts; everything from general principles all the way to specific routines. Some of the topics will include:

1. Comparing and contrasting different exercise styles, and explaining the different results they have on your body

2. Providing goal oriented workouts to help you bulk up, shed the freshman 15, or prepare for your next Spartan race

3. Talking about the positive effects that things such as meditation or yoga can have on both your body and your mind

4. Reviewing the pros and cons of popular workout routines so you know what something like Crossfit can, and can’t, do for you.

5. Interviewing and showcasing current college students and their routines/success in our Student Spotlight 

Campus Elite is a resource dedicated to helping you succeed. We want to pool not only the collective knowledge of the people on our team, but of all our readers as well. We want to see your workouts, help you achieve your goals, and hopefully pick up some new knowledge along the way. We want Campus Elite to be more than just a go-to place for college students to expand their fitness knowledge with our help. In order to create a community where the sum is far greater than all it’s parts, we need your knowledge and contributions as well!