• Failure is common. If you fail, you’re still in good company.
  • Do you believe that your product makes the world a better place? If so, dive in.
  • Doubt breeds when you have a plan B. Smash plan B, and doubt proves deadly.

On the journey to success, failure is bound to knock at your door. The question then remains, is this a sign telling you that you’re going down the wrong path or is your mind testing you on how bad you really want it?

Listener Question
So we received a question from a friend of the show and we based this podcast on answering his question. Thanks for your message and we hope that we answered it to your liking. Be Elite!

So I been stressing out becoming an entrepreneur and not enjoying life as I see all my friends on social media that have a 9 to 5. I have big hopes something big will happen that I will win a contract but sometime doubt creeps up like fuck … Should I go the job route and be comfortable or keep pushing its been to long . Deep down inside I don’t want to work a 9 to 5 it’s not me I haven’t work full time in 2 years… Can you answer this with a video what you think I should do ?”


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