Motivation; the key (and crutch) of success in college.

Do you ever get to the gym, and the first thought is “Do I really have to workout today?” Ever start the first set, of the first exercise, and your muscles immediately ache with rebellion? Then, you decide to cut your workout short. Quitting becomes a welcome reprieve, and you decide to jump ship from dedicated fitness over to the USS Netflix, with your new first mate Easy Mac. Soon after, studying gets put off just like your workout. While your show starts, you try and reassure yourself that one night won’t make a change… tomorrow, you get to try again right?

This motivational “caffeine crash” is something we can all relate to. While we’re certainly responsible for our choices, part of this is also related to the fact that mainstream media, reflecting our culture, has glamorized endeavors that are by nature challenging, testing, and arduous. Things such as fitness, studying, even entire lifestyles are portrayed as easy and quick-to-achieve in media constantly thrown in our faces. Motivation can’t be purchased from the store at the cost of a magazine, even though society tends to dwell on the idea of achieving great things without paying any great price for it.

College Success and Campus Elite

Pretty heavy intro right? Hopefully it hit you right in the feels. We’re serious though; Campus Elite is here to make waves. We’re comprised of college students, graduate students, entrepreneurs, bodybuilders, football players, MMA fighters…it’s a pretty expansive resume. We’re going through the college grinder, and we’re striving to come out on top. We want to share our success, promote our ideals, and provide a platform for success for those who are willing to work for it. More importantly, we want to connect with our audience. With you. We want to share your success, see your battles, and experience your victories.

“The first step toward change is awareness. The second step is acceptance.”

Campus Elite is here to help create that change. We want to help you take those first steps… but more importantly, we want to give you the tools to walk.

Campus Elite: The tools for college success

We’re not just here with some inspiring words however; our plan is to cultivate a full environment of resources to guide and strengthen this movement. Our Blog will consist of monthly campaigns where we review, educate, and examine all aspects of the college lifestyle. We will provide information and advice on:

  1.       College Lifestyle 
  2.       Exercise / Workouts
  3.       Diet and Nutrition
  4.       Supplements and supplement reviews
  5.       A ‘Student Spotlight’ where you can view guest writers and other students striving for greatness!

Campus Elite: A resource, and recipe, for College Success

You should realize that everything you’ve read up to this point is the exact reason why you should strive for physical, educational, and mental excellence. With every PR you break, with every pound of fat lost or muscle gained, every test aced, you might not impress anyone else, but you will impress yourself. Doing so, you will come to rely on the greatest source of motivation; You. Unlike your typical ‘redbull gives you wings’ caffeine moment from extrinsic motivation, your own self worth will increase with every ounce of energy you pour into creating and building yourself. With every rep, every can of tuna, every hour studying, you are fueling that fire that will never run dry on you; but will carry you to bigger mountains at every step.

Being Elite is knowing that you are your own motivation: realizing that greatness is within you, that you are powerful beyond measure to create the life, build the physique, and achieve the goals you set out for yourself. Our message at Campus Elite is simple: introduce some chaos to your life, dare to be different, take the road less traveled. Campus Elite is here to create change… a change in thinking, in believing, and in doing. The rewards you reap will last you a lifetime.

Campus Elite and You

As your endeavor begins, your feedback is important to us. We are looking to create a flexible, growth oriented environment by collecting and utilizing feedback, suggestions, and a general connection with our audience. We want you to help us shape what we will become through your own input. If you have any ideas or suggestions, would like to write or participate, or have any feedback, please get in touch with us!

Also, if you haven’t made it over to our Diet and Nutrition section yet, check out the our starter crash course available for download!