We are a group of college students who are passionate about showing our classmates how to achieve peak performance during their college careers.”

From the Dean’s List to the Forbes List to everything in between, The Campus Elite is dedicated to providing college students with all the tools needed to reach their life goals. Whether it be winning the Olympics, becoming a Rhodes Scholar, climbing Mount Everest, or creating Billion Dollar businesses, The Campus Elite is here to inspire you to not only achieve, but also crush each one of those goals. Achieving greatness when in college can be a difficult thing to do, we’re the 1% that are here to change that.

The Campus Elite’s quality standards are very high. We only offer the best articles, videos, radio shows, supplements, merchandise, and other products that are exclusively tailored to the college student. Through our Elite team, our goal is to equip the modern day college student with whatever they need to achieve health, success, and their goals.

Knowledge is power, and The Campus Elite wants to empower all.

Meet the Team

Prady Tewarie

CEO & Co-Founder

Unlike many of my peers, I was an overachiever in college. In my 4 years, I started five businesses, never missed a workout, maintained a perfect GPA, and served on the executive board of four organizations, two of which I founded. One of the ways I was able to succeed was by surrounding myself with a small group of dedicated individuals who shared my goals. I admit that without such a support group it would have been hard to maintain a steady state of motivation, especially because of the toxic college environment that fosters mediocrity. I created The Campus Elite because I know there are other people in college right now who are driven to be elite but lack the tools and support group to do so.  If that’s you, welcome to the team.

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Tom Vassillion


I live for the fitness lifestyle.  I have seen firsthand the benefits that come from being healthy and fit.  I directly relate my successes in life to the lessons I have learned from inside a gym.  The discipline and work ethic that is forged from making your health a top priority reaps rewards throughout the rest of your life.  After realizing the benefits or this lifestyle I created my own company for workout, nutrition, and supplementation coaching.  I have always wanted to help others live a happier life and I have found my new business to be quite rewarding.  I am excited to share my knowledge and help people succeed through Campus Elite.

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Kelly Lafontaine

Senior Writer-Fitness

I started gymnastics when I was about 4 years old and then I went through childhood spurts of trying dance, soccer, ice skating and cheerleading. Gymnastics really stuck out for me because I was tough, strong, coordinated and flexible. I continued with gymnastics off and on until I was a sophomore in high school. Unfortunately, my body couldn’t handle it anymore, nor could my vertigo. I had to stop. While in college started taking Pilates and found an instant connection. Just like anything else in this world, there is always more to learn and I want to be a better teacher than I was yesterday-that’s what motivates me to practice and learn more everyday and what I hope to bring to the college students at The Campus Elite.

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Myles Migneault

Senior Writer-Fitness

My insatiable appetite for heavy weights began in a small, musty basement with a few dumbbells,antiquated machines, and a rickety bench press. Thousands of curls, extensions, presses, pull-ups,deadlifts and squats latter, I’m 50 lbs. heavier and a hell of a lot stronger. I’m living proof that with hard-work, discipline, dedication, patience, and perseverance, a skinny shrub can blossom into a giant redwood tree. With the right crew and resources,you too can successfully navigate the brutal, unrelenting sea and come out smarter, bigger, and stronger. The Campus Elite is here to precisely do that. What do you say, sailor? Are you ready to BE ELITE?

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