Our Mission
The Campus Elite

The Campus Elite is dedicated to providing the tools for marrying a successful, enjoyable college experience with an active and fit lifestyle. We strive to provide students with the resources necessary to overcome the very difficult challenge of finding balance during some of the most critical years of ones life. Balancing your education, your health, and maintaining a healthy level of motivation for both of these things can be an extremely difficult thing to do, especially without the proper knowledge or information. We're here to change that.

Campus Elite will be covering the needs and struggles of balancing these items front to back; we will provide our readers with insight regarding workouts, diets, supplements, motivation, and much, much more. We also welcome existing students to share their stories, their knowledge, and their experiences with each other as well, by featuring existing students as both writers and role models. Our goal is to equip the modern day college student with whatever they need to achieve health, success, and their goals, and that's exactly what we will do.

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Lea Giambruno

SUNY Oneonta

Myles Migneault

University of New Hampshire; Tufts University

Kelly Lafontaine

Bridgewater State College